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Footsteps dance


In week 7 term 3 had footsteps dance company come down to teach the years R-6 some dances. On Monday we did an individual dance to the African song “wak wak” On Tuesday w did a progressive partner dance to lots of different songs. On Wednesday we did a another individual dance safety dance we did the song safety dance. On Thursday we did just a partner dance with out swopping and the name of that dance was the quickstep. On Friday the last day we did all the dances all agin. I’am so glade that I’am in year 6 so I don’t have to do it any more!!!!!!!!!



In science we have been learning about the human body. We have been doing things to help us know the parts of our body like making moddels, drawing diagrams, having skeletons in our class room and cutting open organs. So far we have cut open 2organs witch are a sheep’s brain and a sheep’s heart. It was very interesting. I learnt that the veins go away from your heart and your arteries go to your heart. I also learnt the parts of the brain there are the cerebrum that is where your long term memories are stored, cerebellum witch is like a little brain, hippocampus witch is where your long term memories are stored, brain stem witch controls your tempreture your heart race.


THE HEART : I learnt that the heart is one of the most inportant organs because it pumps your blood  aroung your body. Your heart pumps blood to your  lungs the lungs then  put oxygen in your blood and then it gos back to your hart and the heart then pumps it around your body.

Glenelg footy clinic


On the 1st of August we had a Glenelg footy clinic. We had it for a lesson witch is 45 minutes. We did lots of things witch were hand balling, drop punts, tackling, running up and jumping up to get the ball and that was all we had time for. At the end the people who wanted a Glenelg footy poster could have one. It was really fun

class novel


In class we have been reading a Morris Gliztman book as our class novel. The book is called Boy overboard. At the end of 2nd term we have finished the book I rely encourage people to read the book. The school year bracket would be year 6 to year 9. The sequel to Boy overboard is girl underground.

Here is a picture of the front cover of Boy overboard.


www.penguin.com.au/. ../boy overboard

Rocket launches


On Thursday the 7th of July our class did our rocket launches.we had to make them before we launched the rockets. We made them out of soft drink bottles we had to have a nose cone and tail fins. For the nose cone my group Maggie , Taresa and I made the nose cone out of the top of the other  bottle we got and we made the tail fins out of meat trays. Some of the rockets went rely high in the sky and some didn’t go very high and one of the rockets went off to the side witch is very dangerous because it could hit someone that is why we had to sit away from the rocket stand. It was very fun and here is a picthur   of what the rockets looked like


www.thefulwiki.org/Bottle rocket  (modle)

Talent Show


In English we had to do a 100 or less bit of story. We also learnt about similes and metaphors. In my story I have a simile it is “that was a pile  of rubbish ” My story is about a talent show. I hope you like it .


My face fills with panic and my tummy aches from the amount of butterflies in it as the host John calls my name out “Lassie McDonald is next.” As the person taggers of the stage I walk on and get on my unecle and balance a peacock feather on my nose. Everyone clapped and cheered apart from Mr Nasser the Manager because I fell off my unecle. After the show Mr Nasser has a talk with me “That was like a pile of rubbish” he yelled. I decide to walk home. As I’m walking I realise that there’s always next year.

By Ella

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This term we have been doing gymnastics in P.E. We have gymnastics every Friday after lunch for a double lesson.We have been doing stuff like this frog balance, cart wheels, hand stands, head stands, forwards & backwards rolls, mini tramp, spring boarding ECT. last week we did a circuit witch included hand stands, head stands, forwards & backwards rolls, spring boarding and a frog jump over the balance beam. We all have lots of fun in gymnastics.

Cheers Ella

5/6 Aubrey park camp


On the 11th to the 13th of may week 2 the year 5/6 went to Aubrey park in the Adelaide hills.Aubrey park is an out door school so you do lots of  out door activities like web of life,fresh water life,bird watching,animal survival and  mission survival.Some people did the Mt George hike but other could do nesting boxes,earth art and orienteering .I did nesting boxes and orienteering. Orienteering is where you work in a pair and you get a map and you use it like a compass and you have to find all 14 hole punches.When you find a hole punch you punch a hole in your paper on the right number. My partner and I missed 2 hole punches.Over all the camp was excellent it was a load of fun and a good experience.

welcome to my new blog



welcome to my NEW blog. Thank you for looking at my blog I hope you  enjoy it.

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