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All of the stuff I post on my (outside school) page will be things I do out side of school.


The School Holidays!!!!!!!

In the school Holidays so far our cousins have came down and some friends we have also gown to the Simpson for the grand final of AFL footy. And we have looked after some peoples animals. We also went to some friends house in Mundulla because my mum had a photo job to do. When we where there mum took all of us into there crops we went in Canola, bean’s and wheat.


On the 8th of October was the Keith & Tintinara District Show!!!!! I won lots of things. I got 4 firsts and 2 thirds. I entered 3 large decorated muffins, I came first and got champion of the cooking section and got a rosette. I also came first in my scrap booking I got some scrap booking stuff. I came first in A bundle of 3 herbs and got 10 dollars. The last but not lest I won the beanie kid group of 3 I got 5 dollars. I hope everyone is having a great holiday.

We have also been to another friends house for morning tea. And had a few friends over. My Dad is having his first game of cricket. And today we are going to more of my mum’s friends house for lunch.




On the 21st of october (Friday) I went to my friend Sophie’s because my um and dad went on a house boat for one of there friends 40th birthday. I stayed friday night to monday morning so I went to school with her and then went home on my bus once school had finished. 

On friday we all got baby sat by there baby sitter Sarah. Sophie and I made some vanilla cupcakes and we decorated them with pink icing and cut marshmallows into four pieces so they made a flower they looked really good. We also went to there vegie garden and watered Sophie’s plants. On our way back to the house I sliped my foot out of my shoe and then a bee stung me so I was a bit boring for Sophie because my foot swelled up so much that I couldn’t do that much all weekend but I tried my best to be fun.

On Saturday Sophie’s big brother Jack had to play cricket. He plays in my big brother Harry’s team so I got to see my brother play but it wasn’t very interesting. The game was at our school oval so Sophie and I went over to the school cola to play some netball (we packed our netball) then when we bought sick of netball we played on the playground. After we had finished playing on the playground we walked back over to the cricket then we went for a walk down the street then when we got back we had something to eat then I showed Sophie where my mum lived when she was a kid. When we got board we went to the camp draft to look at the horses and because Tania (Sophie’s mum) had to be in the kitchen. That night Jack had a friend to Ella (Sophie’s little sister) had Jazz (my little sister) Jack had his friend Brady and Sophie had me.


On Sunday Sophie and I wet to see Jack’s pigs he has 2 pigs and 5 piglets we named them all we made them be all girl names. When we got back to the house it was really hot out side and it didn’t help that we had just been riding the bikes to the pigs and back so we got into some bathers and went for a swim in there in ground pool. After a wile we got board in the pool so we got out and went on the bikes to behind there shed and found a sand pile it turned out not being sand it was something like sand that her dad uses around the farm but I can’t remember what it is called. In the sand stuff we made a little den and we found big balls of really hard sand and used them as hand grenades and when we through them eventually they would hit the ground and would smash so it was like a grenade exploding. After a wile we got hot agin we still had our bathers on so we rode back to the house and jumped back into the pool. Then we got Jazz and Ella to come back over to the sand stuff and they made a den to. After we had finished making our dens we collected our grenades and stored them in our den them we made fake horn noises and the the horn noise was to say that the army where attacking se we used the grenades to bomb the up. We did that a few times then we got hot and we would just get back in the pool. Then Jazz and I went on the horses for a ride and them we hoped  back in the pool

On Monday we got ready to go to school ad then went to school. I had a wicked time at Sophie’s house.



On the 27th of october I got the day off school because I’m part of keith area schools choir. We went to Millicent for the rehearsal for the SOUTH EAST PRIMARY SCHOOL FESTIVAL OF MUIC. We went on a bus there it took about 2 hours for the people that got on at keith but 3 people got on at the willalooka tavan (willalooka pub) so it took about 1 hours and 40 minuets to get there. When we got there we had recess and then went to the loos then went into the green room and one of the back stage people went though the rules then we got on stage. Keith area school where in row four. We had to compares then where a boy from Reedy park primary school and Tayla from keith area school. There job was to intrigues the assisting artistes and the songs. 

On Friday the 28th of October we had to go back to Millicent to do the concert. I got the day off school to go up there because we were staying at my Aunty’s. When it was time to go to the concert we had to wait in our row I had to stand next to Maddie and Brandon. When it was time to go inside we sat in the green room agin. Then we did some singing warm ups then went throw the rules agin. We then got on stage the compare I don’t know his name intrigued the Tayla then we started to sing I’ve got the music in me, After that we sang sunchyme, Then spider man, Moonstruck, Still going strong, caught in the crowd, Gundulla-we dance, Then the commissioned work”The Tales” Who we are, Gotta do our thang, The extras, The tale is mine, Who we are (reprise), Ancient city and the last song Jump. We all had a wonderful time singing on stage.




SUMMER HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Hi I hope everyone is having a awesome start to the holiday’s.



So far I have had a friend over for 2 nights. And we looked after mums family friends son. The boss of our farm has came down and brought 2 of his grand sons down there names are Jack and Harry. It gets a bit confusing because you don’t know who someone is talking to ether Harry my big brother or the other Harry.



For Christmas we are staying down at the farm. My Aunty Kristy , Uncle  Brett and there 2 children Abby and Kieran are coming. My poppa and his wife Linn and there son Jake are also coming. My step poppa and his daughter Ruby are coming


























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  1. September 11th, 2011 at 5:38 am       Amber Says:

    Hi Ella you spelt stuff wrong.
    Thanks Amber

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  5. September 23rd, 2011 at 8:49 am       Grace Says:

    Hello Ella,
    I would love to see you put something up about what you do out of School. I see that you have entered the Blogging Challenge and we both have an interest in common! You have a great blog.
    How much Challenges have you done?
    From Grace

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